Shipping Policy

All ADV orders are dispatched from the Gold Coast via Australia Post to all addresses within Australia.

An order sent via Regular Post will usually arrive within three to seven business days, and an order shipped via Express Post will typically arrive the next business day, although in some areas of Australia it may take slightly longer.

Orders under $50

  • Regular Post: $8

  • Express Post: $10

Orders over $50

  • Free Express Shipping


What's in your e-liquid?

Our e-liquids contain propylene glycol (PG), palm-free vegetable glycerine (VG), and food-grade flavour concentrates. We mix our PG:VG at a ratio of 35:65 because we believe this gives a delicate balance of throat-hit, cotton wicking, and cloud production.

There have been some cases of people experiencing PG sensitivity, with symptoms being similar to hay fever. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please exercise caution when using e-liquids for the first time.


What about nicotine?

The supply of nicotine in Australia is prohibited due to its scheduling as a Schedule 7 substance by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. As a consumer, you may order a personal supply of nicotine from overseas companies, but we cannot assist you in that matter.